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Deams of the Furhouse that Never Was - Wagg's Journal

About Deams of the Furhouse that Never Was

Previous Entry Deams of the Furhouse that Never Was Aug. 8th, 2008 @ 10:00 am
Last night I had an odd dream. I dreamed that I woke up into a new and different house. It was a little frightening at first, the house was huge and with large angled ceilings in the main entry way and stairs with no-guard rails. The room where I had awaken from was a slightly furnished room on the second of 3 floors. Poking my head out into the hallway there were a few rooms here and it looked like there might be another one across from the stairs on the same level.  

I didn't know how I got there and my mind was fuzzy. I was struggling to remember  and after a moment of exploring around, I found that the room I was in had a deck over looking some tall trees across the way. It was a slightly overcast day, my favorite, and stepping out onto the balcony deck brought me to find Rain Hopper (my roommate). He was pre-occupied talking on a cordless phone, and I didn't want to bother him. But just seeing him made me feel better.

I started to walk around the house a bit, going down the stairs to the level below where there was an open common area and I realized suddenly that this was "my" house. There really was no question as my and Rain's signature disarray was imprinted in the patterns of clutter strewn about.

I had only just reached the floor and was reeling through my memories to try to come up with how I had been here, what was this place, I felt like a senior citizen with Alzheimer’s. I didn't get any time to figure it out, however, as Rain peeked his head over the second floor and called out to me. He said we were going on a walk and I wasn't in a position to argue.

So as I was heading up the stairs, I noted the only obvious problem with this great house. There was what looked like a cracked support beam supporting the stairs and the overhang of the second level that had been artificially reinforced with a large rail beam like wood support wedged beneath it. Just looking at it made me nervous about it, but I went up the stairs quickly, just-in-case.

Rain wasted no time and went across from the stairs to what I thought held an extra room, but was in-fact, the front door. Snowy was there waiting to be taken out. Patiently laying there with her leash attached. Rain made some snide comment to snowy who got up and stretched in her usual way and I rushed to catch up, picking up the leash as we went out the door.

We went walking out front and down steps leading out to the street. The whole house seemed to be hosted in some kind of sharp decline from a side of a mountain. I had seen such things before, in places like Lake Tahoe. And the cleanliness of the air and the tall green trees would seem to collaborate the different locale.

I was lost in my own thoughts, but Rain just started talking about something I can't quite remember. But it seemed obvious he was picking up on some conversation I had not heard the beginning of. I didn't say much, mostly nodding. You know, doing the kinds of things you do when you can't remember someone or something someone else does. I slipped in, as coyly as I could, an innocent sounding question asking how long we had been in the house now. After he said two years, my heard nearly jumped.

See, I had only known Rain for two years. So either my memory was quite cleanly wiped back to a clearly memorable time (very unlikely) OR, I rationed silently, I was in an alternate reality.

The thought caused my heart to race and a hundred more questions to flood in. Are you sure? How could this be? And so on.

Again, I didn't get much time to think about that as snowy had veered off the sidewalk to the side of someone's old rotted wood fence, behind which there was a dog sniffing at the air intently. I was trying to pull her away and ended up closing the gap between me and her to get some better leverage. The neighbors dog got overly aggravated and started digging beneath the fence into an almost completed hole. I dragged Snowy way, almost shoving her back on the sidewalk while the Neighbor's dog squeezed under the fence and got free.

The dog barked angrily while I pushed Snowy with my legs to keep her away holding up my arm to guard myself. And with a big chomp he clamped onto my hand. At first the bite was sharp, but I knew better than to just rip it away. It didn't feel too bad after-all, maybe he was just nipping. But he tore away and the world slowed down while I saw the bone beneath on my pinky exposed.

I gulped lots of air and cradled my hand. Rain must have seen it because he came around from behind me and with a mighty kick launched that dog back a good 10 feet and into the fence with enough force to cause it to crack. I didn't see what happened to the dog, but his sound was no longer aggressive. The whole world seemed to turn bright white and throbbing as, I guess I must have passed out.

I woke up then. But I imagine that was like living in a parallel universe, a life that could have happened.

And except for the nasty bit of luck at the end, I think that house was ubber cool. Probably better than the furhouse I live in now. But... then again, maybe not. I didn't see a big theater room. *smiles*

Current Mood: awake
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