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Anaheim FurHouse Returns Aug 30th! - Wagg's Journal

About Anaheim FurHouse Returns Aug 30th!

Previous Entry Anaheim FurHouse Returns Aug 30th! Aug. 1st, 2008 @ 05:20 pm Next Entry

It's been a long hiatus but the party that rocked the mouse has returned. This time we're expecting all the old greats to come out and hang in a celebration that's long overdue.


If you've never heard of and never been, the party is fantastic. It usually out-shines many other fur parties in style and quality. We try to go all out when we have our parties, and it shows.

We also have a dedicated theater room with a 100'' projection screen and dolby surround sound. Because we rock that much.

A typical party evening starts in the early afternoon with a trickle of a few furs. We have a game room (or in this party's case, a game area) with TV's, classic console games, and computer games setup like a mini-convention. We sometimes have music running in the back on low so people can chat and feel the breeze or watch the fireworks from Disney. And the whole house is PG-safe. Perfect for young furs or bringing non-furs around to the idea that we're not so bad.

The food has historically been quite well spread, with consideration given to the different eating requirements of diabetics, vegetarians, carnivore, and of course the sweet tooth tigers. And party-go'ers are encouraged to bring their own selections to add to the menu. You can find pretty much anything there, well except alcohol(part of that whole PG thing).

We like to throw out all the stops with our parties, and I don't believe we've disappointed yet.

So if you're in the area, say within a few hundred miles, come on down!


Note: For those furs who actually are from a distance away and can't make it back safely, we provide sleeping space until morning.
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