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I almost had a car accident with the CEO of Disney - Wagg's Journal

About I almost had a car accident with the CEO of Disney

Previous Entry I almost had a car accident with the CEO of Disney May. 3rd, 2006 @ 05:14 pm Next Entry
Ok, I know I'm not supposed to be proud of the fact I almost rear-ended the CEO of Disney while he was driving his 1.2 million dollar car, but I can't help it because it was the most perfect end to my week.

The last week and change has been jam packed so tight that I was only getting 2 hours of sleep and I still couldn't get it all done.

The week started with drama carried over from before as my soon to be roommate needed a place to stay and the house we were getting was not yet vacated. After some amazing negotiations between Pawfan and the people living there, my roommate Rain was able to sleep there before the handoff was complete. This saved Rain's butt as hotel costs were in the range of about 80$ a day.

While all that was shaping out and worrying me half to death I was working on the Con book driving all over Orange County to pickup artwork on CD and acting like a m

Over the weekend, me and Cyberbear were going to get together to finish it up and I was going to spend a chunk of my morning trying to furnish the now vacated house. So I got started early and went around to lots of different places finding nothing but crappy furniture or overly expensive furniture. But then we found one place that made and sold sofas. We were very pleasantly surprised that we found we could get custom made furniture (custom as is our own design, not just re-skinned) for dirt dirt cheap. It was a great find that I didn't think we'd find anywhere else, but then we found one place that was willing to sell us a dining room table, entertainment center stand, a bed and more for dirt cheap as well. The only condition was that we needed to pick it up and take it over right then.

So I did. We loaded it up and headed out and everything went ok. But what that little excursion cost me was time. I was now late to meet up with Cyberbear.

So I tore down the freeway trying to get there in time. About a half-hour to an hour in, I realized I had not brought my laptop nor any of the new artwork from the artists. There was no choice I had to go back. I decided I was taking too long so as soon as I got my laptop I tried beaming Cyberbear the files (which took forever) and then I tore back down the freeway to San Diego. Roughly a 2 hour drive.

We worked all night on the conbook. Well past mine and cyber's bed time. And, at about 3am, we finished well enough to let it go to the printer. This gave Cyberbear a full 2 hours before he had to get ready for work. I wasn't doing much better having been up since 7am the morning before. So on the 2 hour drive back, I decided I was too dangerous on the road and I pulled over for 2 hours. I thought it was a nap, but after that I went back and it quickly became obvious that it was going to be my full night's rest for the day.

I did another full day dropping off the conbook and furnishing the house even more. By the end of which I was so exhausted I was almost delirious. But running out of time I tried one last trip for supplies when, driving on Ball (the street directly behind Disneyland and one of my cross streets for the new house) I almost rear ended a car as I lapsed into unconsciousness for about a second. I stopped myself and gave the car in front some distance. I wouldn't have thought anything of it except "too tired, must go home" but my roommate who was in the car noticed that it was a MayBach. Roughly a 1.2 million dollar car. The license plate read simply, "TDC CEO".

I said, "What do you think that stands for?" and Rain replied, "Uh, The Disney Company?" I was lucid enough at that point to whip out my digital camera and hand it to Rain Hopper who took a short little movie of the car. Needless to say, after that I handed the keys over to Rain and had him drive me home.
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