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Deams of the Furhouse that Never Was Aug. 8th, 2008 @ 10:00 am
Last night I had an odd dream. I dreamed that I woke up into a new and different house. It was a little frightening at first, the house was huge and with large angled ceilings in the main entry way and stairs with no-guard rails. The room where I had awaken from was a slightly furnished room on the second of 3 floors. Poking my head out into the hallway there were a few rooms here and it looked like there might be another one across from the stairs on the same level.  

I didn't know how I got there and my mind was fuzzy. I was struggling to remember  and after a moment of exploring around, I found that the room I was in had a deck over looking some tall trees across the way. It was a slightly overcast day, my favorite, and stepping out onto the balcony deck brought me to find Rain Hopper (my roommate). He was pre-occupied talking on a cordless phone, and I didn't want to bother him. But just seeing him made me feel better.

I started to walk around the house a bit, going down the stairs to the level below where there was an open common area and I realized suddenly that this was "my" house. There really was no question as my and Rain's signature disarray was imprinted in the patterns of clutter strewn about.

I had only just reached the floor and was reeling through my memories to try to come up with how I had been here, what was this place, I felt like a senior citizen with Alzheimer’s. I didn't get any time to figure it out, however, as Rain peeked his head over the second floor and called out to me. He said we were going on a walk and I wasn't in a position to argue.

So as I was heading up the stairs, I noted the only obvious problem with this great house. There was what looked like a cracked support beam supporting the stairs and the overhang of the second level that had been artificially reinforced with a large rail beam like wood support wedged beneath it. Just looking at it made me nervous about it, but I went up the stairs quickly, just-in-case.

Rain wasted no time and went across from the stairs to what I thought held an extra room, but was in-fact, the front door. Snowy was there waiting to be taken out. Patiently laying there with her leash attached. Rain made some snide comment to snowy who got up and stretched in her usual way and I rushed to catch up, picking up the leash as we went out the door.

We went walking out front and down steps leading out to the street. The whole house seemed to be hosted in some kind of sharp decline from a side of a mountain. I had seen such things before, in places like Lake Tahoe. And the cleanliness of the air and the tall green trees would seem to collaborate the different locale.

I was lost in my own thoughts, but Rain just started talking about something I can't quite remember. But it seemed obvious he was picking up on some conversation I had not heard the beginning of. I didn't say much, mostly nodding. You know, doing the kinds of things you do when you can't remember someone or something someone else does. I slipped in, as coyly as I could, an innocent sounding question asking how long we had been in the house now. After he said two years, my heard nearly jumped.

See, I had only known Rain for two years. So either my memory was quite cleanly wiped back to a clearly memorable time (very unlikely) OR, I rationed silently, I was in an alternate reality.

The thought caused my heart to race and a hundred more questions to flood in. Are you sure? How could this be? And so on.

Again, I didn't get much time to think about that as snowy had veered off the sidewalk to the side of someone's old rotted wood fence, behind which there was a dog sniffing at the air intently. I was trying to pull her away and ended up closing the gap between me and her to get some better leverage. The neighbors dog got overly aggravated and started digging beneath the fence into an almost completed hole. I dragged Snowy way, almost shoving her back on the sidewalk while the Neighbor's dog squeezed under the fence and got free.

The dog barked angrily while I pushed Snowy with my legs to keep her away holding up my arm to guard myself. And with a big chomp he clamped onto my hand. At first the bite was sharp, but I knew better than to just rip it away. It didn't feel too bad after-all, maybe he was just nipping. But he tore away and the world slowed down while I saw the bone beneath on my pinky exposed.

I gulped lots of air and cradled my hand. Rain must have seen it because he came around from behind me and with a mighty kick launched that dog back a good 10 feet and into the fence with enough force to cause it to crack. I didn't see what happened to the dog, but his sound was no longer aggressive. The whole world seemed to turn bright white and throbbing as, I guess I must have passed out.

I woke up then. But I imagine that was like living in a parallel universe, a life that could have happened.

And except for the nasty bit of luck at the end, I think that house was ubber cool. Probably better than the furhouse I live in now. But... then again, maybe not. I didn't see a big theater room. *smiles*

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Anaheim FurHouse Returns Aug 30th! Aug. 1st, 2008 @ 05:20 pm

It's been a long hiatus but the party that rocked the mouse has returned. This time we're expecting all the old greats to come out and hang in a celebration that's long overdue.


If you've never heard of and never been, the party is fantastic. It usually out-shines many other fur parties in style and quality. We try to go all out when we have our parties, and it shows.

We also have a dedicated theater room with a 100'' projection screen and dolby surround sound. Because we rock that much.

A typical party evening starts in the early afternoon with a trickle of a few furs. We have a game room (or in this party's case, a game area) with TV's, classic console games, and computer games setup like a mini-convention. We sometimes have music running in the back on low so people can chat and feel the breeze or watch the fireworks from Disney. And the whole house is PG-safe. Perfect for young furs or bringing non-furs around to the idea that we're not so bad.

The food has historically been quite well spread, with consideration given to the different eating requirements of diabetics, vegetarians, carnivore, and of course the sweet tooth tigers. And party-go'ers are encouraged to bring their own selections to add to the menu. You can find pretty much anything there, well except alcohol(part of that whole PG thing).

We like to throw out all the stops with our parties, and I don't believe we've disappointed yet.

So if you're in the area, say within a few hundred miles, come on down!


Note: For those furs who actually are from a distance away and can't make it back safely, we provide sleeping space until morning.
Current Location: AFH
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Toughts on BioFurs Jul. 30th, 2008 @ 04:32 pm
Quote From Furry War Updates - Wolfegang

Hello this is your guide to the furry fandom, Wolfegang. This post is somewhat similar to “I have a dream (of the first biological furry) because I had a dream last night, it was the year 2015 and my friend as you may know as Dante is standing behind a podium, which is in front of a lab in Washington D.C. and is giving a speech about how scientist created the first biological furry or what would I call a biofur (biofur=biological furry) and he calls my name and I step to th mic and scan the crowd, the crowd stands stunned as they look at what looks like a fox and a human combined, then all of a sudden the crowd cheers and I smile. “My fellow furs, I am what I am, I want to thank the scientist for doing this to me, and for all of you haters out there I have a few things to say to you. You can not kill what you did not create, you can’t kill me I’m untouchable, as some of you can see I thought ahead, there are snipers all over the buildings, protecting me from assassins. Ever since I was 15 years old I had a dream, I was called many names and they said it was impossible but I kept my dream alive by asking these scientists to find a way to make me a furry, you may not know this but this is a huge victory for the fandom and a huge loss for the haters, my dream is reality finally after 7 years of waiting, writing, and drawing. Now I have an offer to all of the furs who want to become what I am please come forward, anyone who wants to stay the way we are that’s fine I’ll see you at the next convention and next press confurence. Thank you for your attention, goodnight.”
That is what I’m going to say when I become the first biofur and more are to follow. Furhaters be afraid, be very afraid because if the war becomes real as well, you’ll have to face me and the army of biofurs.

A lot of lifelong furries have a vision like this. My first time was way back when I was eleven or twelve. Its something I’ve revised and kept dreaming about until this very day.
Now-a-days I imagine Mitochondria size nano-machines designed to produce m-RNA chains like a real cell nucleolus, programmed externally to redirect cellular production to grow a human body into a real life furry one. Maybe even recognize illness and lost limbs or age and regenerate them.
Ignore the jerks out there, the world is full of them. And the sooner you ignore them, the sooner you get to enjoy working with others that share your dream, moving (albeit slowly) toward making it a reality.
Who knows, maybe the real-world wont be so harsh on furries when they finally become a real possibility. Especially if the regeneration process reduces age or cures illnesses which they suffer from. Heh, that would be something, seeing political old farts back-peddle to give an excuse for being at the front of the line when all their rhetoric would suggest they should be strongly opposed to it.
Even if people freak out, that’s not the end of the world. People may have strong emotions at first, but after a while they loosen up when they realize their personal beliefs aren’t really under attack. Take a look at Gay Marriage. In California, a few years ago, they actually passed a law banning it. Now it looks like the religious groups can’t find enough footing to overturn the California Supreme Court’s decision.
In that sense, the answer would never be to take the world on in a violent confrontation (although I have, on occasion, worried about such things myself at times). But you don’t lay down and die when there is opposition to your existence. You should stand firm on your intent to exist and to allow others to be like you, but you should give the mundanes time to adapt and understand that it isn’t what they would expect and it isn’t so bad.
There is one thing on your side that they can never be defeated. Once a furry takes that stand, it’s all over for the opposition. Because, history shows that once pandora’s box has been opened, it can never be closed.
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Remembering My First Furcon Jul. 30th, 2008 @ 04:30 pm

Ok… The first time I was at a furry convention it was scary. Real scary. But also very exciting.

Stepping foot into the hotel was like setting foot on an alien planet. The first thing that hit me were the ears and tails many were wearing and occasional fursuiter that would hobble past the lobby. It was so amazing to see that many people doing something I could never imagine having the courage to do myself. And they were all treating it like it was no big deal!

The second thing to hit me was how friendly and open and accepting everyone was. I was still dressed in my work clothes and, being very very shy, I wasn’t looking to talk to anyone. But there must have been something about me that yelled, “first timer”, because random furs would just come up to me and I got huggs and was talking to them in poorly delivered sentances.

The best part of it all was that I could finally be me. And it was not only accepted but encouraged.

My first convention experience overwhelmed my senses, and for as brief a time as I had, it wasn’t enough. There was just so much to see and do. Artwork, books and movies I had no idea even existed strewn out for display in the dealers den; panels on all manner of furry topics; and there was entertainment shows too!

It was an amazing experience and I promised myself I’d go to as many as I could.

And then I went to FC for the first time. I was still a new fur, but that was the convention that changed me forever. There were furs all over the place, all having fun, willing to let me join in (even though i was far too shy for that) and then there was FCTV. Oh my god. Nothing is better for an introvert than to watch the happenings downstairs from the safety of his room and then, as the need to experience it builds to a critical mass, going downstairs and seeing it first hand. Damn that was cool.

In many ways, meeting furs in real life (and in those numbers) was life altering. Especially when you’re out walking the neighboring restaurants looking for food with a group of furs. Ten or twenty all piling into a McDonalds causing some poor overly pertinacious mundane wrapped up in their own interpretation of the world, unable to process our existence, causing him to warp his face into a “this cannot be!” look that’s just priceless. And the best part is, after they see us for a few moments, its clear that our group is perhaps better adjusted than any they will ever know.

That always made me smile. And it seems to be a staple of the furry culture. We treat each other like family, or better (depending on your perspective of “family”). Its what I’ve seen religions try to peddle when they hand out little flyers with old 50’s style sketch-work on them. Only they promise it will happen someday in the distant future. I get that at every convention.

Over the years and countless conventions I’ve attended, I have experienced more of an ideal world than I could ever have imagined. I still kick myself for having missed out when I was a bit younger (mostly because I was afraid to actually go to one).

So, my advice to you is, find a FurCon and go to it. Each one has their own mood and feeling, but they are all experiences that I will treasure.

Oh, and by the way, there are more FurCons than just FC and AC. There are dozens of cons scattered throughout the year. Try to poke around wikifur.com for the dates of something coming up near you. Find help from local furs to help get you there. Stay at the hotel over the weekend, if you can. Only now I can say, the experience is well worth it.

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Are people voting on blind faith? Jul. 30th, 2008 @ 03:30 pm

WARNING: Political Discussion Ahead

The high percentage of voters out there supporting McCain don't seem to know much about his history or his positions. His nebulous and constantly flip-flopping ways actually help him keep everyone guessing what he's for or against. These people are not willing to spend a lot of time thinking about the man, his positions, or what will happen if he actually is elected.

It is these same people that don't associate bush with McCain as "the same" and they hear rumors and innuendo about Obama on a regular enough basis to actually believe them no matter how ridiculous. I've talked to a few and they honestly tried to argue he's a secret Muslim born in another country that doesn't care about wounded troops and who wants only to be the worlds #1 liberal, raising taxes for all and to turn America into a socialist state. And you know what, if confronted with factual statements and arguments to the contrary they withdrawal but they don't abandon their positions.

Right now it's like arguing to a bunch of people who believe the world is flat (in the days since actually going to the moon), and no matter how much evidence you show them, no matter what you try to argue, nothing gets through.

So are these people acting on blind faith?




Do they actually believe that McCain will be different from Bush in any kind of meaningful way? Do they at least believe in McCain's positions, or him as a person?

If these people ARE acting on blind faith, that poses a big problem. Faith can't be reasoned with. You can't disprove faith. And even when your about to die as a direct consequence of a false belief in something, faith endures to the end. That's a powerful thing, both beautiful and deadly. And if that's why people still support McCain after all of his revealings so-far, that's going to make it hard to win any ground there.

But what I think is actually showing here is that many of the people McCain is calling supporters are simply afraid of Obama, even though many of those would actually stand to benefit from his positions directly and in-directly. These people don't invest time or thought into politics and may nebulously pick-up who's better and who's worse without opening a newspaper or turning on a political show.

They get their opinion by following the pack around them, who are bunches of the same like-minded people. They aren't the type to have a lot to argue about intelligently, and can't defend against the blatantly untrue statements made against Obama. Even if they were leaning toward Obama, the battle is being lost in that fickle group.

I think the debates, and probably most importantly the first one, will make or break that demographic. Right now they don't care so much for their political position. It isn't time to make up their minds and they're not interested in "supporting" any side strongly. The bulk of their political positions are probably coming from short off-hand comments about one candidate or the other.

If Obama wants to rack up poll points from this demographic (which I fear is much larger than I want to admit) before the debates, he needs a simple talking point that can be said in a few short words (even when paraphrased badly) that is recognized as true by just about everyone and that works to his favor. Something like an accomplishment that is uniquely his and puts the throw-down on anything McCain has done before.

You'll have to use your imagination on what that could be. Maybe if Obama brokered an arrangement (acting as a senator) that helped the economy in some way? Perhaps by leveraging his huge support overseas to entice world leaders to make a deal with the US Senate?

Anyhow, I can only hope that these people are not acting on blind faith in the GOP because the only way to win against blind faith is direct and unavoidable exposure to reality. Unfortunately, as it turns out, reality is pretty avoidable.

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Other entries
» FurHouse Housewarming Party
This past weekend me and my roommate Rain Hopper hosted a housewarming party on a whim. It was a major ordeal to pull everything together in the final week with the house not even completely furnished yet. Based on the responses we were getting we estimated that about 20 people would show. It turned out to be something more like 30.

The party was hugely successful though. Although we had bought way too much to drink (all non-alcoholic drinks, sodas, juices, fruit punch, etc.) we were able to provide for just about everyone who came.

The big hit at the party was our Entertainment Room, now dubbed the Theater. Earlier that week that room was totally empty and within a few days we had found the perfect couch, got the sound system configured and set (big thanks to Kips for helping), and filled the empty space of the room with bean bags and a few plush and drink holders. It was great. It was like a cross between a retro living room and a up and professional theater with surround sound.

We started by playing XBox 360 games in high definition on a 100'' diag. screen. As the night progressed, we watched movies and cartoons of various types. And although it seemed loud enough to wake the dead from the inside of the room, you could barely hear it once you closed the door. That's some excellent insulation.

The rest of the party was outside the Theater and they had a blast just talking and drawing and rejoicing in the food and drink. We had chicken, pizza, subway sandwiches, corndogs, and lots more. For desert there were 3 kinds of pie, cheesecake, and plain old junk food.

That party lasted until 3am when most finally dragged themselves out and back to their homes. A few stayed overnight. A few overdid it and had to stay and one had a flat tire.

Truly it was a blast.

Me and Rain are planning on doing it again. But we want to be careful not to compete with the hugely popular and regular PS party nearby.
» CaliFur 2006
This year I got to play a part in making the conbook. And, for any of those contributors that gave pieces and are reading this, thank you. The conbook was a big success and everyone loved it.
I especially want to thank CyberBear who helped me with the layout and the printing process.
It was certainly an adventure putting that thing together. One I probably should have recorded better so I could make a decent journal entry that people might find entertaining. But, oh well.
» I almost had a car accident with the CEO of Disney
Ok, I know I'm not supposed to be proud of the fact I almost rear-ended the CEO of Disney while he was driving his 1.2 million dollar car, but I can't help it because it was the most perfect end to my week.

The last week and change has been jam packed so tight that I was only getting 2 hours of sleep and I still couldn't get it all done.

The week started with drama carried over from before as my soon to be roommate needed a place to stay and the house we were getting was not yet vacated. After some amazing negotiations between Pawfan and the people living there, my roommate Rain was able to sleep there before the handoff was complete. This saved Rain's butt as hotel costs were in the range of about 80$ a day.

While all that was shaping out and worrying me half to death I was working on the Con book driving all over Orange County to pickup artwork on CD and acting like a m

Over the weekend, me and Cyberbear were going to get together to finish it up and I was going to spend a chunk of my morning trying to furnish the now vacated house. So I got started early and went around to lots of different places finding nothing but crappy furniture or overly expensive furniture. But then we found one place that made and sold sofas. We were very pleasantly surprised that we found we could get custom made furniture (custom as is our own design, not just re-skinned) for dirt dirt cheap. It was a great find that I didn't think we'd find anywhere else, but then we found one place that was willing to sell us a dining room table, entertainment center stand, a bed and more for dirt cheap as well. The only condition was that we needed to pick it up and take it over right then.

So I did. We loaded it up and headed out and everything went ok. But what that little excursion cost me was time. I was now late to meet up with Cyberbear.

So I tore down the freeway trying to get there in time. About a half-hour to an hour in, I realized I had not brought my laptop nor any of the new artwork from the artists. There was no choice I had to go back. I decided I was taking too long so as soon as I got my laptop I tried beaming Cyberbear the files (which took forever) and then I tore back down the freeway to San Diego. Roughly a 2 hour drive.

We worked all night on the conbook. Well past mine and cyber's bed time. And, at about 3am, we finished well enough to let it go to the printer. This gave Cyberbear a full 2 hours before he had to get ready for work. I wasn't doing much better having been up since 7am the morning before. So on the 2 hour drive back, I decided I was too dangerous on the road and I pulled over for 2 hours. I thought it was a nap, but after that I went back and it quickly became obvious that it was going to be my full night's rest for the day.

I did another full day dropping off the conbook and furnishing the house even more. By the end of which I was so exhausted I was almost delirious. But running out of time I tried one last trip for supplies when, driving on Ball (the street directly behind Disneyland and one of my cross streets for the new house) I almost rear ended a car as I lapsed into unconsciousness for about a second. I stopped myself and gave the car in front some distance. I wouldn't have thought anything of it except "too tired, must go home" but my roommate who was in the car noticed that it was a MayBach. Roughly a 1.2 million dollar car. The license plate read simply, "TDC CEO".

I said, "What do you think that stands for?" and Rain replied, "Uh, The Disney Company?" I was lucid enough at that point to whip out my digital camera and hand it to Rain Hopper who took a short little movie of the car. Needless to say, after that I handed the keys over to Rain and had him drive me home.
» Busy little wolf
This is it; Hell Week. Last week was so hectic I didn't get a chance to post anything. This week is going to be worse.

But I'm not complaining. I like being needed and I like helping out. So having a hundred things to do doesn't bother me. Not being able to finish things that are important bother me. And when you have a hundred things going on at once, its real easy to loose something you would have rather kept.

The CaliFur convention is coming up real soon and I've been so busy with the new house and moving that I haven't worked too much on it. Thankfully I have Cyber Bear, who bailed me out last week by working on most of the designs. I get to pay him back this week by finishing it out with him.

The Furry Magazine has also been rather important to me. Although most of the time spent on it last week was on what I call, "Back End Stuff". Given we're waiting for articles to be finished and content to be submitted, the pressure was off the critical path stuff. Instead I worked on two website designs and a content management system for the staff. The bank stuff for the company itself was just a footnote of the week.

That's a lot. And there's a lot of detail I left out. But those are not the only things I did. There's one story still in development and it may crescendo into a climax. So, instead of telling you what I know so far, I'll wait until next time.

Anyway, this busy little wolf has to get back to work lest he get fired.
» Magic Mountain Furmeet
Sunday I had a promise to keep and I was going to keep it if it killed me. That promise was to go to Magic Mountain with some very special SoCal Furs. hehe, some promises can be fun to keep ;P

Anyway, it was funny because I got there two hours late and I spent it circling the park looking for anyone I could remember. I stopped random Six Flags workers and asked if they saw anyone with ears and tails go by. They looked at me like I was crazy and said "No".

I was honestly about to give up and leave when I got a call from Kitty who told me that they had car trouble and were just now approaching. By then it was four hours from opening and I realized that the whole crew was 2 hours behind me!

Well, we met up and had a lot of fun. And kitty got to ride her first REAL modern roller-coaster.

Check it out.
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